1. Rights and obligations of the Company

    1. The company is obligatory to calculate and pay out to the Partner the Reward in the volume mentioned in the Agreement (p.1).
    2. The Company disclaims liability for any improper fulfillment of their respective obligations hereunder caused by unexpected technical issue: Internet disconnection and other force-majeure events.
    3. The Company shall start execution of its obligations under this Agreement as soon as the negative impact of the force-majeure events are mitigated.
    4. The Company disclaims liability for the Partner’s actions or inaction under the Agreement.
    5. The Company disclaims liability for the Partner’s inactivity under the Agreement .
    6. The Company reserves the right to block access to the Partnership account if any fact of the Agreement violation is found.
    7. The Company has the right to modify this Agreement. The Company may, but is not required to, inform the Partner via email or publish the information in the “News” section on the website. The Partner shall be independently obliged to monitor the changes on the website. All changes shall become effective upon the release on the website. If the Partner continues working according to the new rules, he is considered to agree with them.
  2. Rights and obligations of the Partner

    1. The partner has a right to receive the Reward in full with accordance to the p.1 of the Agreement, upon condition of proper execution of their duties.
    2. The partner is obliged to save confidentiality of the Company’s information, including logins, password and financial transactions data. All the transactions processed with the use of the Partner’s login and password are considered to be processed by them, until the contrary is proved.
    3. The Partner is obliged to enter the correct personal information in the Private Area, and timely change the personal data.
    4. The Partner is obliged to not commit illegal action upon the Agreement, including the processing of the financial operation.
    5. The Partner is obliged to:

      • Do not use spam sending to attract clients;
      • Do not register additional partnership and trade accounts by using their own affiliate links (autorefferal system);
      • Do not provide misleading information about the Company, the binary option trading, as well as the withdrawal amount or procedure of the potential profits.
      • Individually resolve issues connected with taxing the profits, that the Partner receives from participating in the agreement.
      • Do not make announcements on behalf of the Company.
      • Do not create websites designed in similar way to the websites of the Company.
      • Negotiate the content of emails sent to traders, advertising campaigns, landing pages for traffic conversion.
      • Do not use third-party partnership programs to promote the materials of the current partnership program.
    6. The partner is obliged not to bring traffic through:

      • Hacked websites.
      • Malicious software.
      • Prohibited words and derivatives (zoophilia, child pornography, etc.)
      • The websites, which contains information about psychoactive or narcotic substances, child pornography, extremist or any other materials prohibited by the Russian Federation law.
  3. Procedure for handling claims

    1. The company do not consider the Partners’ claims about the missed profit..
    2. The company do not consider the Partners’ claims about the compensation for moral harm.
    3. The Company do consider only the claims requested via an electronic letter and sent to the email: partner@olymptrade.com. A letter should have the following theme - "Partnership program".
    4. The Company examines the Partner’s claims within 5 working days.
    5. The Company retains the right to take a decision on the disputable cases, undescribed in the Agreement, in accordance with past practice.